As someone with social anxiety and general anxiety disorder, receiving care at the birth center has literally changed my view of going to the doctors. Before my visit, I was terrified to seek help due to a host of negative experiences with doctors for the past few years (mainly walk in clinics, plus planned parenthood). It might sound dramatic, but just the difference in quality of the reception services and waiting room at the birth center was enough to reverse my pessimistic and fearful perception of going to the doctors. The reception ladies are kind and welcoming, the waiting room is warm, inviting and atmospheric and there is even beautiful, soft music playing in the background which really soothed and took the edge off of my fragile nerves.

At no point did I ever feel like anyone working at the birth center was patronizing or talking down to me, which is the issue I seemed to continuously run into with other doctor offices. My nurse always asked me if I was comfortable, and how I felt, and what I thought was best for me the entire visit. This place exudes such genuine and loving energy, and you can feel it as soon as you step inside! BTW, if you are a non-pregnant woman looking for general gynecological services, this is the place for you!!! I could feel that my nurse truly cared about me. Whenever I have children in the future I will also be returning to the birth center for pregnancy care!!! 💖💜🧚🏻‍♀🦋

Moral of the story, if you have anxiety or are afraid of doctors, you don’t need to feel that way anymore if you come to the birth center. Your care will be life (and perspective) changing!! 🏩🚺♀️♂️💜💙💗-Sarah Rose | (Google Review)

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with The Birth Center! We always left with positive things to say. All of our questions were always answered and the center did an awesome job at making sure we had all the knowledge we needed to make the pregnancy and labor experience a positive one! We felt well prepared. Everyone in staff was amazing! A special shout out to the midwife Julia who caught our baby! I couldn’t recommend them enough :

-Katelynn Griess | (Google Review)

I found the providers absolutely lovely. The phlebotomist assisted me with my insurance questions and was incredibly kind and patient. Everyone I spoke with was exceptional and welcoming. Excellent, trauma informed, holistic healthcare.

-Anonymous (Birth Center Survey)

I’m Lynn and I’m a BC baby! I was born in the Bryn Mawr BC back in 1980 and I love and truly appreciated the time and attention I receive during my visits. No one rushes you or makes you feel hurried and every question is answered with love and honesty and no one makes you feel silly for asking anything. It’s an awesome experience every time I go! Thank you so much!

– Lynn 

I was so nervous about my appointment, but it couldn’t have been a better experience. The midwife was gentle, explained what she was doing as she was doing it, asked after my mental health, and asked permission before touching me during our exam. She also answered all of my awkward questions and didn’t make me feel naïve or sorry I had asked. Anonymous from Your Opinion Matters Survey

Anonymous from Your Opinion Matters Survey 

The Midwives at the Birth Center are always kind and compassionate. This characteristic radiates throughout the entire office staff. TBC is a safe place where women are honored and revered. I am so grateful it exists and encourage others to go and feel this warm inspiring level of comfort. 

-Kristi | (Birth Center Survey )

The Birth Center felt extremely warm and welcoming which is hard to come by in most doctors offices. The midwife was extremely thorough and helped me understand everything I had questions about. She took the time to sit down and ask me a ton of questions about my health and my life which made me feel like I was in great hands! Overall I am very happy with my gyn experience at the birth center. 

Anonymous from Your Opinion Matters Survey 

I did not deliver my baby here; however, I did take a breastfeeding class with Corinne! The class was super informative & I was provided with take-home resources that were very helpful. I credit Corinne and this class for my successful breastfeeding journey (going 7 months strong with exclusively breastfeeding). Corinne was 100% more helpful than the LCs at Bayhealth. I’ve also reached out to her over Instagram and she was responsive & helpful!

If you are a soon to be momma who wants to breastfeed – definitely take the breastfeeding class the birth center offers. Also, bring your partner/significant other with you! My husband learned so much and was able to help me with latching after delivering my daughter!

-Alyssa Mckinney (Google Review)

Pleasantly surprised with how attentive, knowledgeable and personal Sarah Grace was. Exceeded my expectations and will forever be a TBC patient!

Anonymous from Your Opinion Matters Survey

It was my first time visiting The Birth Center or any location revolving around women’s health. I was very nervous but everyone from the receptionist to the Doctor (Midwife) I saw was kind, patient and willing to help me through everything. My concerns were listened to and validated, and they did a world of good for my anxiety and my concerns.

Anonymous from Your Opinion Matters Survey

The Birth Center turns the dreaded annual check-up into a warm and friendly experience. It’s so refreshing to feel like someone actually cares about your well-being. 


After having received the level of care and respect that the birth center offers, I could never go anywhere else. They always make me feel like a part of their family and they offered me full autonomy throughout my entire pregnancy and the birth of my first son. I feel like they trust me to make the right decisions about my birth and my baby and offer helpful insight when I am unsure about the right thing to do. I wouldn’t want to bring a child into the world anywhere else. – Anonymous