Holistic Women’s Health Care


Holistic Women’s Health Care

Gynecological & Menopausal

The Birth Center is more than just a place for pregnancy and birth. We offer a full range of GYN services including annual exams, Pap smears, STD testing, birth control, and more.


Pregnancy & Birth Services

For low-risk pregnancies, labor and birth does not need to occur in a hospital setting. Our beautiful birthing rooms were designed to be comfortable and provide a relaxing and safe environment for low-risk pregnant patients. We offer birthing tubs for use in labor and/or birth.


Lactation & Postpartum Care

Our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) provide a full range of lactation services to assist with lactation-related infant feeding issues. Our postpartum care includes more than just the standard six week follow-up visit.

Education & Community

We offer a full menu of classes and workshops for anyone in our community, not just patients of The Birth Center. We pride ourselves on being a community hub reproductive healthcare throughout the lifespan.



Our Blog

“Your life will never be the same after children.”

“Your life will never be the same after children.”

By Stacey Avila This phrase haunts me in my sleep, when I wake up in the morning, after having my coffee, throughout the day, in the shower you get the point it's always racing through my head. This phrase is one that always rubbed me the wrong way, as if having...

More Than Awareness (The Pink Ribbon)

More Than Awareness (The Pink Ribbon)

By Stacey Avila The parades, the walks, the pink ribbon that speaks volumes in silence. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is more than awareness, it's about breaking the Barriers that still lie within our health care involving the once breast cancer effects. 1 in 8 women...

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“I highly recommend TBC because of the high standard of care and the one-on-one attention that each staff member gives to each client.”

- Kelly

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