Doula Services at The Birth Center

The Birth Center offers doula services for those planning to deliver at The Birth Center, at local hospitals, or at home.

What Is A Doula?

Would A Doula Be Right For Me?

“A trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a motherbefore, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.”
~ DONA International

The Birth Center doulas follow the philosophies and standards of The Birth Center. At The Birth Center, we are about choices. That looks different for everyone. For some, a birth center is an ideal place to give birth, while for others it may be at the hospital or even at home. We want to support each woman in whatever she feels is best for her and her family. Our doulas are advocates and can help provide information, but are always respectful and non-judgmental of a mother’s choices.

Our doulas are there to help encourage you as you navigate your labor. She is there to serve you throughout your labor whether that is just her presence, hands-on physical support, helping your partner support you, or words of encouragement. Every mother has different needs and the doula is there to support mom in whichever way is best for mom. Doulas are for the first time mom or a mom having subsequent babies whether it be her second or sixth!

Benefits of Having A Doula

Studies have found women to have a decreased risk of cesarean section, shorter labors, less use of epidurals, less use of Pitocin, and increased satisfaction in women with a doula.

Guaranteed one on one support during labor and birth. For moms planning to deliver at TBC, this includes support in the case of a transfer to the hospital.

But I have a midwife! Doulas and midwives work as a team to support you emotionally and physically. The doula is able to completely focus on supporting you even at times when the midwife is focusing on tasks and support related to you and your baby’s clinical well-being.

What Is Included?

Prenatal Visit(s) and Support

Meet the doula to discuss your individual questions, concerns, and preferences. You will review your birth plan for your upcoming labor and birth! One is required and additional are optional. You can also reach out to the doula throughout your pregnancy as needed.

Labor and Delivery Doula Services

Doulas will be on call and ready to support a mama in labor 24/7. When you are in active labor, the doula will meet you where you are planning to deliver. The doula will be with you throughout your labor, delivery, and two hours postpartum.

Postpartum Visit

Clients will also receive a postpartum visit from a doula about 5 days after delivery. You will have the chance to talk to the doulas about your birth, sleep, feeding, and any other questions, concerns, or worries.

Our Program

When you sign up with our program, you have the option of choosing one designated doula or participating in our group (shared call schedule) program. You can interview doulas and select a doula of your choice if you choose the private doula option.

The Birth Center Doulas

Our Program

The Birth Center has two options for doula support: the private doula option or the group doula option. With our private doula program, you have the option to choose a doula that will be with you from the prenatal period through the postpartum period. She will be available each day and will meet you in labor. The cost of the entire program for a private doula is $1200. With our group doula option, the doulas share a call schedule and are each on-call for 24 hour periods.  The cost of the program for the group doula option is $750. Click here to learn more about each of our doulas. Email to inquire about meeting or interviewing a doula before signing up.

Want to Meet the Doulas?

Email to schedule a time to speak with the doulas outside of a Meet & Greet.

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