Support Groups

img_1442Having a support network after you have your baby is crucial for your emotional health and beneficial to the transition to parenthood.  At The Birth Center, we offer a number of avenues for support for new moms and dads.

In-Person Support Groups

New Parent’s Group (Younger Babies)

Spend time with other new parents and their babies.  The focus of this group is the discussion of topics relevant to parenting infants, the exchange of support and information, and general camaraderie with other parents. This group is free and very informal.  Show up whenever you can!

Group meets Wednesdays and is for babies newborn to 6 months.

Parent’s Group (Older Babies)

Has your baby graduated from the new parent’s group but you still want to meet up with other moms or dads for support?  Come to our new support group geared towards babies 5 to 12 months of age.  We will discuss topics relevant to parenting your baby, as well exchange support and camaraderie with others.  This group is free and very informal.  Show up whenever you can!

Group meets Thursdays and is for babies 5 to 12 months.

Breastfeeding Support Group

Led by one of our Certified Lactation Consultants.  Come and talk with other nursing moms about breastfeeding.  Have your questions answered, your latch checked, your baby weighed and get overall support.

Parents with nurslings ages birth to 4 months are welcome. Fridays 1pm- 3pm.
Parents with nurslings 4 months and older welcome the first Monday of each month 10:30am-12pm.

Weekly / Monthly Support Group Schedule



  • Big Babies Breastfeeding Group: 1st Monday of Each Month @ 10:30am



  • New Parent Support Group: Weekly, 1-3pm


  • 4th Trimester Postnatal Support Group: Weekly, 10:30am to 11:30am
  • Parents Group (Older Babies): Weekly 1-3PM


  • Breastfeeding Support Group: Weekly, 1-3PM


Online Support


Want to become a member of the private, mentor led Facebook group Birth Center Mamas and/or Breastfeeding Mamas at TBC? There is a group for partners of pregnant and new mamas too! Email to request to join. Please include the email address associated with your Facebook account to send the email invite.

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