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IMG_1623 copyBreastfeeding is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a woman can have.

It is a journey of emotional, personal and physical growth.  It is the introduction into motherhood.

But, breastfeeding can be very challenging.  It can be scary, painful and overwhelming.  Having a concrete support network is one of the strongest indicators of breastfeeding success.

Let us help! We utilize a multi-dimensional method
to support you in reaching your own personal breastfeeding goals: 
The Balanced Breastfeeding MethodTM

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The Balanced Breastfeeding MethodTM

1. Complete a breastfeeding education 
class with your partner.

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for breastfeeding success is educate yourself. We have created a unique hybrid of in-person and online learning. The in-person class gives plenty of opportunity for hands on practice with dolls; the online course provides over four hours of multi-media learning which you can access even after your sweet baby arrives! The result is a breastfeeding education package unlike any other because it is realistic, practical and entertaining!

2. Submit the Breastfeeding Risk Assessment ToolTM

There are certain prenatal risk factors that are likely to make breastfeeding more challenging. This tool allows you to identify your unique risks and provides the additional education and support you need to achieve your breastfeeding goals. Couples who register for a breastfeeding education course at The Birth Center will be offered the tool.  Based on your reponses, we will provide additional learning materials specific to your unique breastfeeding needs and offer a one-on-one prenatal consultation if applicable.

FB Logo3. Join the private, mentor-led, online community

In addition to education, we know peer support is a critical key to success. That is why we invite each mama who enrolls in breastfeeding education at The Birth Center into our private Facebook group moderated by our consultants and our mentors. This is a safe place to ask honest questions and making lasting relationships with other parents.

4. Schedule a one to two week check-up

katie lactation imageEvery breastfeeding family deserves a private, one-on-one consultation with one of our expert RN, IBCLC here at The Birth Center. Meet our Lactation Consultants

No amount of preparation or education can prepare you for the experience of breastfeeding your unique newborn. A private consultation is your opportunity to learn one-on-one about your unique breastfeeding circumstances.

Our consultants can certainly address every type of breastfeeding feeding concern you may have, but we stand apart when we also take the time to listen to your own unique personal and family circumstances that may be impacting your ability to breastfeed.

We will make a customized plan for your own precious self, child and family that is safe, balanced and practical.

Visits are done collaboratively with our CNMs which allows for a higher depth of medical treatment and greater insurance coverage.

Visits are certainly not limited to the one to two week period. Make an appointment at any point in your breastfeeding journey!

5. Attend support group weekly

In addition to the online community of support, peer support for the breastfeeding mama is in-person. Those that attend a support group or have a one-on-one consultation are welcomed into our private Facebook group moderated by mentors and our IBCLCs.

Every Friday we welcome breastfeeding parents with babies 4 months and younger to drop into our free breastfeeding support group from 1pm-3pm.

support group pana

6. Understand pumping and bottle feeding

bottle kissWhether you are heading back to work and or pumping for an occasional bottle, maintaining a balanced breastfeeding relationship often requires pumping and bottle-feeding. When your baby is about 4-6 weeks old, it is time to learn this new breastfeeding skill.

A great way to start is by Pumping for an Occasional Bottle as soon as you are ready, but no later than 4-6 weeks if you would like your baby to take a bottle.

Join our Pumpin’ Mama Back to Workshops to prepare for your return to work!

7. Check in at three months

Around three months, your baby may start to become more distracted at the breast, nurse for a shorter length of time and sleep longer at night. All of these new milestones may present new breastfeeding challenges. Since pediatrician check ups are at two and four months, three months is a great time to check in with us!

8. Keep reaching out for support

Breastfeeding support group is a great way to stay connected and confident in your breastfeeding relationship every step of the way. Once babies reach about four months, breastfeeding changes.  Breastfeeding support group for the older baby focuses on “big baby issues” such as starting solids, biting, distractibility, handling criticism and more.

First Monday of every month at 10:30 am.

9. Complement with solids & breastfeed as long as you and/or your baby desire

Starting solids is an exciting time to watch your baby explore new worlds. There are a number of things you will need to know about how to introduce solids and continue to breastfeed. This online course reviews both the Baby Led Weaning and traditional techniques of introducing solids.

Weaning is as important a time as initiating breastfeeding. Once you are ready to change or complete your breastfeeding relationship, we encourage you to attend a Weaning Workshop.

10. Consider becoming a mentor

Nobody understands a breastfeeding mother quite like another breastfeeding mother. The Balanced Breastfeeding Mentors are mothers just like you who have been specially trained to provide peer support and guidance in a unbiased, non judgmental and loving way. Once you have breastfed for six or more months, you too can have the opportunity to become a mentor!


Additional Services:

Bra Sizing and Fittings

A number of The Birth Center staff  are Bravado Certified Nursing Bra Fitters.  Make an appointment to be measured and fitted in one of our stylish, comfortable, quality Bravado Bras.  It is ideal to get fitted at 32 weeks pregnant or so.

Medela Pump Rental and sales

We offer Symphony hospital grade breastpumps for rent as well as a wide variety of Medela breastpump accessories.  Speak with any of our nurses at The Birth Center for pricing information.

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