Healthy Priorities for Busy Moms

Monday, May 15th, 2017 by Justine Deputy in Birth and Postpartum, GYN

by Gwenn Prinbeck, Personal & Professional Life Coach with Gwenn Prinbeck Coaching, LLC.

When is the last time you patted yourself on the back for all you do and how well you do it?

Today? This week? Ever?

My guess is that in any one day you do so many things, and are so important for so many people. We are mothers, partners, sisters, daughters, friends, community organizers, employers, managers, entrepreneurs, cooks, nurses, gardeners, creators, and so much more. . .whew! Go Mama go!

And what, too often, is pushed to the side in your strident efforts to be the best you can be in all those arenas is. . . you.

What if caring for yourself was the most generous foundational expression of your love and commitment?

The key safety message on every airplane is that you must put your oxygen mask on first before assisting the child next to you. The people and causes you love rely on you caring for yourself. What if healthy priorities meant putting you first? Mom is often the linchpin around which family revolves; when mom is happy and healthy, the family thrives.

Maybe you, like many moms, feel guilty when you are at work or at the gym instead of with your family. Or maybe you’re at home, but craving mental stimulation and the experience is one of resentment and self-judgment for wanting more than to be with your beautiful family. What if working in a satisfying career, or fostering social connection, and getting your needs met first, before taking of your family, were the biggest gift you can give your family?

Your personal well-being includes how you feed and move your body. But it also includes how you feed and express your heart and soul. You may desire deeper relationships, time to create, or just time to be quiet. This is your wise intuition pointing to what is needed for holistic, personal well-being. The first step to healthy priorities is making space for you to listen to your wise intuition that knows what is needed to alleviate the stress and welcome the joy. Then comes befriending the resistance and guilt that can arise in the face of change. And lastly is taking a step in the direction of a healthier, more fulfilled you.

The Healthy Priorities, Healthy Moms Workshop is a time for you to discover what holistic well-being looks like for you. Using a mix of guided reflection, awareness-building, and practical strategies, participants in this workshop will:

  • Gain a fresh and inspired perspective on what healthy priorities look like for you.
  • Explore, in a safe and supportive community of women, the impact of exquisite self-care not only on yourself but also on all those people and causes to which you are committed.
  • Identify your personal well-being needs that are not currently fulfilled.
  • Translate your intention into strategic action to step up your personal self-care in a way that is gentle and sustainable.


When: Friday June 2, 2017

Where: The Birth Center 3rd Floor

Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Fee: $25

More information and how to register here

Gwenn Prinbeck

Personal & Professional Life Coach

Gwenn Prinbeck Coaching, LLC.

(610) 389-5089


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