The Birth Center provides maternity and gynecological care as Delaware’s only freestanding birth center.

Located in Wilmington just one block from St. Francis Hospital, The Birth Center has been in continuous operation since 1982 and has served as the birthplace
for over 3000 babies.

Midwife owned and operated, The Delaware Birth Center also maintains a staff of five registered nurses, two certified lactation consultants, an OB/gyn consultant, and a pediatric consultant.

We Offer:

Well Woman Gynecological Care
Preconceptual Counseling
Natural Family Planning
Prenatal Care and Routine Screening
Birth and Postpartum care
Prenatal Nutrition and Exercise classes
Childbirth Education including Caring for your Newborn
Lactation Consultations & Breastfeeding classes
HypnoBirthing classes
Pregnancy Fitness and Yoga classes
Holistic Health Seminars