Human breast milk is a fascinating food with unparalleled nutritional and health benefits for infants and young children. Many parents choose breastfeeding because it contains immunological and antimicrobial properties that provide protection from infection, illness, and
disease. These benefits have also been considered when using breast milk for home remedies, and we even have some evidence to support this! Read on to learn about several ways that breast milk can be used in home remedies.

Diaper Rash:
Breast milk has long been used to treat diaper rash, and a randomized clinical trial found thattopical application of breast milk was just as effective as 1% hydrocortisone in the treatment ofdiaper dermatitis. Also, because there is no risk of allergy or side effect from topically applyingbreast milk, many pediatricians see no harm in trying it.

Minor Skin Conditions:
Applying breast milk to minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and insect bites could aid in healing since it contains antibodies, anti-inflammatory properties, and factors that promote the growth of skin

Sore Nipples:
Mild nipple sensitivity or tenderness in the early days of breastfeeding can be improved by expressing a few drops of colostrum or milk then gently rubbing it onto your nipples and allowing it to dry. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of breast milk can reduce
soreness and prevent infection.

Teething Pain:
Many infants and toddlers will experience discomfort when their teeth emerge. Parents can use breast milk to make “popsicles” or soak clean washcloths in breast milk before refrigerating or freezing. The anti-inflammatory properties of breast milk and cool or cold temperature can
reduce swelling and help soothe their gums during teething.

Infant Skin Conditions:
Breast milk can help treat common infant skin conditions such as baby acne, eczema, or cradle cap. One study found that topical application of breast milk to infant eczema was just as effective
as using 1% hydrocortisone cream. Breast milk baths are a popular way to treat your infant’s skin. To make a breast milk bath, it is recommended that you add just enough milk to make the water look cloudy.

Stuffy Nose:
A few drops of breast milk into your infant’s nose can be just as effective as saline drops in relieving congestion. Again, the anti-inflammatory properties can reduce swelling in the nasal passages.
*While breast milk could help these conditions, it is not a substitute for professional medical treatment.



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