Warm weather and flowers blooming is finally here. Springtime is one of my favorite seasons because of the weather and the holidays. It might be cold and rainy, but it can also be warm and sunny. Thinking of spring brings many memories to mind, especially during the holidays. We celebrate Passover, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day in early spring. I love these holidays because of our family traditions.

On Easter, we have a family tradition of ambering dyed eggs. Ambering is a Lithuanian tradition where you dye hard-boiled eggs the night before Easter. Then, on Easter Sunday, you and a partner have a little battle with the eggs. You or your partner has the tip or the butt of the egg. If you have the tip of the egg, your partner then holds the butt of the egg up. Then with the tip of the egg, you give a little but hard enough tap to try to put a crack on the butt of your opponent’s egg. If the butt of the egg cracks now, it is their turn to use the tip of the egg against the butt of your egg. If the butt of your egg cracks, then you go head to head with the tips of the eggs. You are out once your egg has been cracked at the top and bottom. However, if you still have a precise tip or butt of the egg, you then go on to the next opponent, and you keep doing this till there is one egg left. Whoever has that egg then wins the game. This game is about having fun with your family while being competitive. If you want to make the game more fun, you can dye a regular egg but do not tell anyone that the egg is not hard-boiled. Make sure you know which egg it is, and be prepared for some laughter. 

Springtime is about having fun with your family. That doesn’t mean just holidays with traditions. You can do a lot with your family in spring, especially when the weather is just right! 

Things to do this spring with your family:

  1. Paint rocks and hide them around your neighborhood to bring a smile to someone’s face.
  2. Go to a park.
  3. Plant a garden.
  4. Create a bird feeder.
  5.  Pick up a new hobby outside (walking, running, jogging, tennis, pickleball, disc golf, etc.).
  6. Visit Nature Trails.
  7. Family yard sale.
  8. Have a picnic.

There are many ideas that you can do this spring with your family. Now that it’s spring, let’s open the windows and let the fresh air into your homes. I also like to spray lemon essential oil mixed with warm water around the house to give it a clean and lively smell. Spring cleaning means more than just getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Spring cleaning is about doing the things that you’ve not had time for lately. Do a deep cleaning of your mind, body, and spirit to feel relaxed and have this significant weight on your shoulders blown away like a dandelion.