This is the season where the skin needs our support the most. The winter air is cold and dry, which causes our beautiful skin to turn patchy and red. As we go on adventures outside, we need to protect our skin more than ever.

There are many ways to keep our skin healthy through the cold days while in and out of the house. We are told that sunscreen is a girl’s best friend in the summer, but it is our very best friend in the winter. The sun may not be bright and hot, but the UVs are still breaking down skin cells. If you do not have a skin care routine, try your best to develop one. Even doing a once or twice self-care routine will help protect your skin. 

When the air starts getting cold, I start a nightly routine of self-care twice a week. I start off by taking a warm shower; hot showers in the winter will cause my skin to be extra dry. Then I continue the self-care night by moisturizing the entire body and using serums and sunscreen on my face. I have a balsam and cedar candle lit to breathe in that amazing forest smell, making the house feel like nature. 

The most important thing I do is use a lot of chapstick during the winter. I will not leave the house without my chapstick. I buy multiple chapsticks to keep them stored in purses, coats, bedside tables, desks, cars, and anywhere else I would need one. Chapped lips are most common in the winter because of the cold and dry air. This winter, keep your lips beautiful by applying lip balm and taking care of them.

 Winter is a beautiful season full of fresh air and fluffy white snow. This is the time of year when people are outside shopping and spending time with family and friends. Let’s keep looking beautiful by taking care of our skin all through the winter.