Welcome October!


Spooky season is here! My family loves this season. It brings so much excitement to my kids’ faces. For us, this holiday season means anyone can be whatever they desire. My oldest son wants to be a doctor; perfect, this month he can be a doctor! My youngest wants to be a dinosaur. He has big ambitions! 


During the Halloween season, as a parent I take advantage of this time to inspire my kids’ creativity and aspirations. I let them know they can do anything in this world, and Halloween gives them the ability to explore these dreams. Because my oldest son wants to be a doctor, we will explore the career path and learn what it means to be a doctor, the different fields, and the education it takes to be one. Since my youngest wants to be a Dinosaur, we will learn about fossils and explore the types of dinosaurs. The knowledge behind what costume they choose for Halloween gives them so much confidence.


Another spooky seasonal activity I enjoy doing with my kids is to teach them the importance of community and kindness with “Booing our Neighbors.” This activity is by far a fan favorite!

The concept of Booing your Neighbor is simple . . . you put a basket of goodies together with a card that reads: “You’ve Been Booed.”  Your neighbor has to put the card on their window to let everyone else know their home has already received a boo basket and continue the kindness by booing another neighbor who has not yet received a boo basket. My kids have so much fun watching the neighborhood spread with spooky kindness. 

I will link samples of this activity here: –https://www.pinterest.com/pin/youve-been-booed-printables–703756186259481/)


The Fall season has so much to offer in regards to expanding our children’s minds and to have good family fun. Below I added a few more fall/spooky activities you can do with your families to enjoy the spooky season.


  1. Living room camping in spooky PJ’s, cozy blankets, snacks, and “Halloween Town” the movie or any movie of your choice!
  2. Visit a pumpkin patch, pick pumpkins, paint or carve them! Have a contest.
  3. Bake spookie cookies, pumpkin pie, or roast pumpkin seeds.
  4. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows.
  5. Play tag with glow sticks.
  6. Go to an Orchard, go on a hayride.
  7. Participate in a “trunk or treat” by decorating the car trunk with your kids.
  8. Make Spooky arts and crafts – Hand Bats, handprint spiders, and more.
  9. Make a fall wreath with construction paper and tissue paper!

Though we mourn the summer days, we enjoy the autumn mornings. Make every day count and always remember to make memories with your children through every season!