Every new year’s resolution is the same resolution. We set goals and a list of accomplishments for ourselves. Drink more water, go to the gym, eat more veggies. 

This year I decided I wanted a little more out of 2023. I didn’t just want a list of destinations I wanted to visit, or an image of what I want the year to look like because with the grace of god my years always run its course the way they should, regardless of what I plan. 

This year I wanted a New years resolution that would genuinely help my family. I figured that my new year should be all about becoming a better spouse, a better mother, a better me.

We will be focusing on one simple goal. Self care. Working on yourself will always be the greatest goal, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Due to this mentality I created a simple achievable resolution list for anyone who’s goal in 2023 is to simply be a better you.

Commit to not comparing yourself to other parents.

Comparing will break you as a parent. Comparing is an unhealthy habit that serves your home no purpose. You are enough for your family. The grass is not always greener on the other side if you water yours.

Make time for self care

This is a must. We are always taking care of our family and we begin to neglect ourselves. Get yourself a calendar and block out a date and timer per week to put it on the fridge so your household knows when you are taking “Me Time”. 

Use this “Me Time” to:

  • soak in a warm bath with some wine and a good book no phone.
  • You can use it to take a bike trip around the neighborhood on your own.
  • Sit on your porch alone with a book and some tea.
  • Have alone time in your room to catch up on your favorite show.

Simply use this “Me Time” to recharge your soul.

Start a gratitude journal

It’s easy to get lost in the negative thoughts and think you’re doing a poor job.

That’s why keeping a gratitude journal can help you massively, as it helps you keep focus on the good in your daily life.

Just write down 5 things you are grateful for each day, in a notebook or on your phone. You could also do this with your child so they start to grow up seeing life in a positive light.

Let others help you:

As parents, we feel we should be superheroes and be able to do everything for everybody all the time. However, we often end up burnt out, stressed to the max and this causes a mental breakdown. If someone offers to help you with something, say yes, please! Letting someone help does not mean you’re doing a terrible job as a parent. Help comes from a good place and begin to accept it comes your way.

Learn to ask for help:

Asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness. We all need help at one point in 2023 we are going to learn to accept help as well as ask for it when we need it. 

Learn to say no:

This brings us back to the super hero narrative, we can not do everything or be everywhere. It is alright to say no we can not make it, or no we can not do that. Saying no to over stimulating scenarios or overwhelming moments or things is alright. In 2023 we are going to learn to say no.

Put your phone away:

Putting our phones away this year will help us be more present for our family. We want more memories this year. We want to be a part of the smiles and laughter not behind the lens. This will  also give us the opportunity to take a break from social media. Social media has a way of enhancing our mom guilt. We are getting rid of mom guilt in 2023

Schedule at least one day a month for the family:

Call this day a bonus holiday. No phones, just a digital camera. Make it worth it.

The way to declutter your thoughts, and recharge your soul is to spend quality time with your family. Plan little day trips.

  • Aquarium
  • Theme park
  • Hikes
  • Road trips
  • Movies and dinner
  • Backyard camping

Family dinners every night or once a week

This dinner can be take out or home cooked. The concept of a family dinner is to unite everyone in one place at one time to be thankful for all you have and connect. Share how your day went one at a time or how your week went. No phones, just peaceful conversation and food.

Ultimately 2023 will be the year to reflect on simplicity, family, and self care. We are learning to love our dynamic and come back to our roots. What matters most is each other, we are becoming our better selves.

Cheers to another blessed year, 2023!