One of the things I am so happy about in our Birth Center community is the non-judgemental support from mothers. Both in-person and in our private online Facebook groups, mothers are so supportive of one another.

A mom can post that she is having trouble with her babies sleep and other moms share advice and tips about methods like cry-it-out, co-sleeping, nursing to sleep, and putting the baby down awake all without judgment for what the other moms choose. We have moms that exclusively breastfeed, moms that supplement with formula, and moms that exclusively formula feed. We have moms that have one child and moms with more. We have working moms, stay-at-home moms, and work from home moms. No matter what the question is, each comment shares their personal advice with the understanding that what works for that mom and baby may not work for another mom and baby, but the moms share to offer support, ideas, or just an empathetic note in a kind and non-judgemental way.

We teach our children that they are individuals. There is no one else out there like them. Yet, sometimes we do not acknowledge how that applies to parenting. Each mother is an individual and each child is an individual. We have never been in that parent’s shoes.

We strive to create a community free of judgment. Each of us is an individual and the other mom we see is an individual. The child is also an individual. And the relationship between that mother and child is unique.

To all the mamas that have made our community such a wonderful one, thank you! 

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