In a world full of anxiety, there is nothing better than acceptance. To be able to walk into a room and be yourself with no judgment is a privilege many take for granted. For the LGBTQ+ community, safe spaces are often hard to find. Here at The Birth Center, we are a safe space. We celebrate people, individuals, and we cater to the physical and emotional wellbeing of a person as a whole. As a small business, we acknowledge the role we play in our community as a safe space that welcomes without question of equality.

Feeling comfortable to go to your annual appointment regardless of your sexual preferences or identity is a huge deal. Many LGBTQ+ individuals lack the support and guidance to a healthy sex life and reproductive system. For example, research has shown that lesbians are less likely to get a pap smear or other ovarian cancer preventative services because they avoid or cannot access inclusive healthcare for fear of acceptance. Our non-biased OB/GYN holistic approach offer a welcoming environment to ask questions openly without hesitation. Having access to appropriate annual health screenings should be stress-free and accessible across the board to protect our LGBTQ+ community for their mental and physical well-being.

During pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, it can be especially challenging to feel fully supported as an LGBTQ+ parent. Our Midwives embrace the process of pregnancy through birth by celebrating your family’s uniqueness, birth goals, identity and values. Ensuring that you feel seen, heard, and fully comfortable through the journey of becoming a parent is our greatest ambition. Here you have access to “Birth for Every(body) care.” This means a non-discriminatory birth experience regardless of who you love, your pronoun, identity, body, or relationship.

Our goal is to evolve with time, open doors, and continue to meet the healthcare needs of our patients including our LGBTQ+ community. We will continue to be a safe space for all of our families.