Photo: Gina (TBC Mama), photo by Sugarlove Studio 

Labor and birth affirmations are positive statements, thoughts, and inspiration that can be used to help prepare a pregnant mama for labor and birth. These statements can be repeated over and over or placed on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror so they are something you see every day. By repeating a phrase over and over, it can help to ingrain that phrase in one’s mind to also be used during labor. Some mamas like to bring something with a phrase written on it to their labor to help as a visual reminder of the phrase.

What should you consider when choosing or writing a birth affirmation?

Your birth affirmation should be something positive. Choose something that resonates with you. There are some below and tons you can find online. If you have a fear about labor or birth, change it into an affirmation! For example, if you fear you could have a caesarean birth, change that fear to “baby will come exactly how he should”. This doesn’t eliminate the possibility of a caesarean birth, that is unrealistic. But it allows you to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

What should a labor and birth affirmation NOT be?

It should not be something that excludes the unexpected. For example, “I am going to have a quick and easy birth” would not be a good affirmation. Not everything is in your control, you may not view birth as easy or quick. If you don’t, this affirmation becomes useless and could instill a feeling of failure or weakness. Instead, an affirmation like “soon I will meet you baby” could replace this. Some phrases can be viewed in multiple ways and it is all about your mindset. The phrase “birth will go exactly how it should” can be viewed in a rigid way or in a flexible way. Flexibility is important if you want the phrase to work for you.

Affirmations from Birth Center Mamas

“Birth will go exactly how it should.” ~ Justine

“Soon I will meet you baby.” ~ Justine

“The only way out is through.” ~ Siné and Tori

“Each surge brings my baby closer to me.” ~ Jessica

“My baby and I are working together.” ~ Jessica

“You can do anything for one day.” ~ Siné

“You made a person! He’s almost here.” ~ Marie

“The surges cannot consume me because they are me.” ~ Rebecca

“I never have to feel THIS surge again.” ~ Rebecca

“I trust my instincts.” ~ Kariann

“Each surge brings my baby closer to me.” ~ Kariann

“Your body was made for this” ~ Allison

“Open – like a flower” ~ Em

“I can do this!” ~ Alyssa

“This baby WILL come out!” ~ Alyssa

“Breathe, relax the jaw” ” ~ Alyssa

“No more nasal drip! (My most annoying pregnancy symptom.)” ~ Alyssa

“Meatsauce! (Post baby meal)” ~ Alyssa

“This too shall pass.” ~ Alyssa

“My contractions are purposeful.” ~ Alyssa

“Go in pregnant and come out with a baby. Everything else remains fluid.” ~ Elizabeth

“One contraction at a time.” ~ Casey

“I am not alone. I trust my support team to guide me.” ~ Liz

“My mind surrounds my body and my baby. They know what to do.” ~ Liz

“I am getting closer to meeting my baby. We are doing this together. I will see her little face soon.” ~ Steph

“This moment’ and ‘do nothing’ to remind me to focus on the moment and not think about what might happen or what already passed, and that there was nothing I had to do but let my body work.” ~ Eva

“Don’t know’ for whenever I thought, how many more times do I have to do this!” ~ Eva

“My body knows how to do this. Let it guide me.” ~ Angie

“Each contraction brings me closer to meeting my baby.” ~ Angie

“Just like my body knew how to grow this baby, it knows how to birth this baby. Trust my body!” ~ Jamie

“Trust my body. Trust the process. Trust the people around you to help you through.” ~ Elizabeth

“Every contraction is one step closer and I’ll never feel that specific contraction again.” ~ Elizabeth

“Each contraction brings me closer to my little one.” ~ Melissa

“Breathe, relax, use your skills and support team.” ~ Melissa

“You are a powerful mama!” ~ Melissa

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