Choosing who will provide your baby’s pediatric care is an important part of planning for your baby’s arrival. So how do you get the best primary care not only for your baby but also for your entire family?

We all know that the daily events, situations and health concerns that affect parents and other family members also impact the children. Every child’s health is integrally tied to the health and well-being of their mother and the rest of their family. This is particularly true for infants and especially newborns. So it is best if care is delivered by the same doctor or nurse practitioner for both mom and baby, ideally for the rest of the family. This is called “family-centered care”.

This allows:

  • One doctor or nurse practitioner to know the health of the whole family.
  • The provider to use this knowledge of the entire family unit to improve the care of each individual family member.
  • Mom, baby, and the rest of the family to see the same provider in the same office at the same time. There is no need to complicate your already busy schedule by having to go to different locations or been seen at different times for the care your family needs.
  • One provider to see both mom and baby in the hospital if the baby delivers in the hospital.
  • One provider to see mom during her pregnancy, so can start to care for the baby even before the baby is born.

Our doctors and nurse practitioners at Family Medicine at Greenhill are thrilled to collaborate with The Birth Center to provide this family-centered care for children and young families. Dr. James M. Gill leads our family-centered pediatric care program, and both he and nurse practitioner Amanda Bostick see patients at The Birth Center. We are happy to care for you and your baby and the rest of your family. We are currently open to new patients and families.

If you already have a primary care provider who you see and you have an established relationship with, you can also ask them if they have the capacity to offer family-centered care.

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