Updated Policy on Visitation related to Covid 19 effective as of 10/27/2022

Visitation Policy for Office Visits

  • For office visits we are allowing the client and family members at appointments. 
  • Children may also attend the visit.  
  • Anyone over the age of 5 should be masked and free of covid symptoms.

Visitation Policy for Birth

  • There may be up to 4 visitors.  They must be the same 4 visitors and may not switch out with other people that were not in the original 4.   
  • They must be Covid symptom free.
  • They must wear a mask.

Children of the birthing person may be present at the birth.

  • There must be a designated support person for the children. That support person is counted in the numbers of total visitors.
  • The Children must be covid symptom free.
  • Any child over the age of 5 must wear a mask
  • The children, The Birthing Person, Their Partner/ Labor support person, and Support person for the children must take the Sibling Class prior to birth to be able to be in the birthing room. 
  • The Sibling Class is a one on one class with one of our nursing staff that can be scheduled during normal business hours.  

There is no change to our doula policy. 

  • Doula’s are not counted in the visitation numbers.
  • They must be covid symptom free.  
  • They must wear a mask.