With all the precautions we have had to make in order to keep our families and staff safe we decided to go to our TBC mamas for a reminder of what we stand for, who we are here for, and shed some insight to those of you out there wondering ” What is the TBC difference?”.

Below are responses from our TBC families from an instagram thread we started.

” What made you want to have care/birth at The Birth Center?”.

Individualized care. A Care team that believed my body was capable – Taylor

Knowing that birth is a natural function, not a medical emergency. – Trixie

Focus on following the lead and supporting the birthing mom. – private

Its a family thing! I was born there + so we’re my cousins (: – Naomi

Personalized care and freedom to labor/deliver in any position I wanted. – Amy

Feeling more in control of my pregnancy and birth! – Nicolette

I felt like a person not a vessel or a number! – 1regular_human

Birthing the way I wanted with an awesome team! – Kelsey

A Birthing experience lead by me and my body. Also the water birth. – Natasha

Supportive and women centered care in which I have choices with no judgment. – Private


More freedom during labor/birth, a tub, and a chill entrance in to the world for baby. – private

Leigh Makes me less anxious for Gyn appointments. LOVE her! – Megan

You are empowered with your decisions for your body. – Megan

More control over how I labored, choice, and understanding! – Ria

More personable care and non-medicated birth. Birth should not be seen as a medical event. – Kiya

The level of freedom and personal care. – Lyssa

TBC keeps things as natural as possible and trusts mamas and babies! – Krissy

Care that was geared towards my body, beliefs, and done with love! – Kelly

Feeling like I had say and control over my birth process. – Melissa

Having a voice and choice that matters, the calm environment, the constant education, and the people! – private

Level of care and knowing my birth preferences would be honored. – pb

Listening to me and talking with me instead of at me. – bputnick

The Birth Center provides pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and GYN services to women from adolescence through menopause. We provide full-scope care for women of all ages from teens to post-menopausal. Our focus is to empower our clients through holistic health management and education.