We’re all aware that Pinterest perfect parents do not exist, and Instagram photos do not show you behind the scenes. Parenting is trial and error. Let’s start a new trend moving forward; be kind to yourself 2022.

Today we are going to talk about how to cope with parenting, setting realistic parenting goals, and resolutions to get through 2022. When setting realistic parenting goals here are three words to keep in mind Control, Consistency, and Communication.

Let’s start with “Control”. This is a big one to work on. I am always struggling with letting go of control, being a single parent I’m used to a fast-paced environment, getting things done myself, and making decisions on my own. What I have learned through parenting my 5-year-old is that letting go of control comes with the learning curve of patience. Giving your child control over daily tasks when acceptable will decrease the meltdowns, tantrums, and outbursts. When a child feels involved in their everyday routine they are less likely to take control at inappropriate moments.

Moving forward Goal number one for 2022 is trying to decrease the amount of control you hold over your child as an adult, let your children make choices while setting boundaries. Have patience with their decision-making and involve your child more in daily tasks.

Next up is “Consistency”. Even as adults we love a bit of consistency in our everyday life. We all thrive on a set schedule, daily planners, and reminders. Children thrive on predictability, knowing what to expect for the day will help them mentally and emotionally prepare for that particular event in their week/day/month. If you start a routine with them and continue, they will begin to catch on and acknowledge what will come next. Knowing what their daily routine looks like will reduce tantrums and meltdowns come clean up time, quiet time, or bedtime. 

For example, my 2-year-old understands now that when I put on the clean-up song… it’s time to clean up. He knows that bath time follows. Once I have him changed into comfy PJ’s I pour a bottle of milk and it’s off to bed. Through consistency he learned his bedtime routine in return we have no tantrums.

Goal number two for 2022 is creating a Rhythm to your child’s schedule. Build a pattern they can feel involved with. Remembering to Keep up with consistency is key.

Moving on to “Communication”, we can all accept this is a field we usually lack in. Children communicate differently with adults. Communication helps children feel safe and secure while building and establishing a healthy, strong relationship with you as their parent. Active listening is one aspect to focus on when communicating, this shows your child you value their feelings and emotions. Active listening will also give you a pathway to how your child’s mind flows. With communication follows understanding. Keep in mind that your child will learn how to properly communicate from you through you. If you give your child the set-aside time to understand and communicate at their age level you will get great results.

Goal Number three for 2022 is changing your point of view, seeing through your child’s eyes, acknowledging their feelings and person through active listening. Remember to keep communication open and engaging at their age level.

While making your 2022 parenting goals be kind to yourself. It is perfectly okay to somehow end up reverting to your old parenting habits. Keep in mind tomorrow is another day you can always start again tomorrow. In 2022 I want you to know being a parent does not remove the human, we will still make mistakes, we will not be perfect. Each day we get up and try our best for our children and that in itself is more than enough. Cheers to your New year’s resolutions.