While we all hope and plan for a birth center birth for all our clients, labor can bring unexpected twists and turns to the best laid plans.  At The Birth Center, our transfer rate in labor is 21 % which means that approximately 1 in 5 people, at some point in their labor, will need to go to the hospital. There are many reasons that this may be necessary (such as prolonged labor, fever in labor, meconium stained fluid, or signs of labor intolerance from the baby, to name a few) and it is always done in order to provide the safest possible outcome for Mom and baby.

When risk status does go up requiring a hospital transfer, we want you to know that you will be cared for by the nurses and physicians that we have developed trusted relationships with for your care. These professionals will employ a level of care that is different from the care we provide at the Birth Center.  It is intended that their care will include a bit more technology because, if you are transferred, it has been determined that you, at this point, require this technology to safely give birth to your child.  While this may take on a different feel than what you may have imagined at The Birth Center, please understand that these nurses and doctors are doing their utmost to provide you with a safe and healthy birth experience.