By Stacey Avila

This phrase haunts me in my sleep, when I wake up in the morning, after having my coffee, throughout the day, in the shower you get the point it’s always racing through my head. This phrase is one that always rubbed me the wrong way, as if having children won’t allow you to be “you”.

Mama, I want to open your mind to a “hit me with a truck eye-wakening” moment. The words behind this quote are 100% valid. The phrase “Your life will never be the same after children” is accurate. This phrase is not pertaining to the late night outing you will miss out on, or the date nights, this phrase is so much more than the parties you will miss or the bar hops you won’t go to. 

This phrase, my love, is about the overwhelming amount of heart-breaking, drop me on my knees, roller coaster emotions you will feel after becoming a parent. The amount of uncontrollable emotions you will experience the moment you have children changes your life forever. 

Joy, Fear, Jealousy,Guilt, Love, Sadness are all consistent emotions you will feel on your journey.

My love you will Scream in your shower, yell into your pillow, you will laugh with a snort you never knew you had, oh and the tears even if you’re not a crier, those waterfalls will pour even on the happiest days. Your life will never be the same.

I want you to know that the emotions you feel after becoming a parent are overwhelming yet beautiful. The secret to serving the Mom funks from the draining healthy combination of emotions is to create balance within our new forever changing mindset/role. Mama, the secret to serving the New life after children is to keep self care in your back pocket. Remember you are still a person and if your person isn’t well taken care of mind, body, spirit then your little people won’t be either. No one can pour from an empty cup.

Below I will share amazing tricks to keep self care in your back pocket.

  • Baths 
  • Step out the house on an adventure (Walk with music/podcasts while your baby is in the stroller.)
  • Calling a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
  • Brunch dates on your own
  • Starting a new book
  • Journaling emotions,ideas,memories,etc.
  • During nap time, take a moment for reflection/meditation 
  • Alone time with partner, friend(s)
  • Remember to eat healthy and stay hydrated. ( you need to eat too)
  • Don’t give up hobbies you loved prior to having children. 

Below i will link my favorite go to blog for mommy self care: