by Barbara McAnany, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, HTCP, Owner of Barbara’s Healing Touch

I first learned of Energy Medicine back when my sons were teens-rocking the boat and I didn’t know whether I was floating or sinking!   A Yoga Instructor inspired me as she talked about Healing Touch and what she was learning. I enrolled in a local Level 1 Healing Touch class and began to recognize what I was learning was an expression of my inner intuition and gifts I had within myself.  I found consolation in the discovery that the body may be used as a vehicle for awareness; then through that awareness coupled with Healing Touch techniques, I could be an instrument of healing for another!

Quantum Physics has set the stage for this approach.  The collective energy generated by the body and mind can be referred to as the bio-field.  The bio-field is described in terms of three fundamental energies enfolded within each other: quantum fields, potential fields and classic electromagnetic fields (EMF’s).  In disease states, the energy flow is impeded and disorganized. Energy medicine works on a very different set of principles. It involves reading the invisible energy force that surrounds the body and interconnects with the chakras, which are areas of condensed bio-photonic energy that correlate with certain emotions, life themes and organs, to re-establish harmonic balance.  It is a mutual effort between client and practitioner and goes deeply into the body’s subtle energies.  

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner, it is my primary responsibility to empower the client or patient through supporting their natural biochemical processes and identifying other issues preventing optimal physiology such as: toxin build-up in the body; stress; pathogens; and hormonal imbalances.  We are more than a mechanistic bag of molecules and organs bouncing against each other to either form health or disease. We are also emotional, intuitive, feeling and thinking beings. In fact, our emotions, feelings and thoughts make up most of our experience of the world. This is where the power of Energy Medicine plays a role.  This treatment approach addresses imbalances in the body with hands-on healing, which has been proven to effectively treat maladies like hypertension, osteoarthritis, general body pain, headaches, mood and anxiety disorders.

Barbara is at The Birth Center offering Healing Touch sessions on Fridays and may be contacted at or 302-507-1391 with a text or message.  To find out more about Barbara and Healing Touch go to:, or Barbara’s Healing Touch Facebook page.