Integrative Care at The Birth Center: Holistic Women’s HealthCare, LLC

“Health is not only to be well, but to use well every power we have”. Florence Nightingale, 1893

Integrative Care at the Birth Center is a collaboration of health care practitioners and partners dedicated to the highest standard of conventional and complementary medicine, nurturing the inherent healing of the whole person~ body, mind, and spirit. It is our mission to serve, empower and partner with our clients who are on a path to wellness, transformation, and wholeness.

We believe health is a self-defined pathway to wellbeing. Fundamental to our approach to care are our integrative practitioners and our active partners, who are dedicated to your wellbeing. We work collaboratively with an understanding that each person is unique with individual needs. When body, mind, and spirit are carefully nurtured in a healing environment, a state of balance can be achieved.

The practitioners offer a wide variety of services, classes, and workshops to support you in establishing a healthy lifestyle. Our healing and learning circles are small groups that support you in your specific journey to wholeness. All of these approaches have the benefit of a safe and loving community.

How It Works

You have a choice to see individual practitioners for a specific health concern, or you can enter into the Pathway to Health and Wellbeing Program that supports you with your goals of achieving optimum health and wellness through a team approach. The Pathway to Health and Wellbeing is a comprehensive program and includes a personalized holistic assessment, establishment of self-identified goals, and a plan forward for a fully integrative and practical approach to support you in your journey.

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