What is Integrative Care Delaware (ICD)?

ICD is a service-based organization in the state of Delaware that will provide patients with access to care from a multidisciplinary, integrative treatment team that will incorporate traditional as well as complementary and research supported healthcare. The mission of ICD is to provide integrated and complementary health services, educational opportunities to our patients and the community at large as well as providing research to determine the effectiveness of our services.

The goal of ICD is to provide unified healthcare so patients feel cared for and empowered. By linking organizationally, ICD partners will improve the health outcomes for the patients we serve and the community at large. Our aim is to provide care to anyone, regardless of income or other barriers to care.

ICD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that will open its doors October 2018. ICD will be housed in a new 40,000 square foot state of the art medical office building located at 620 Churchmans Road. Slated for completion in October of 2018 and situated less than 2 miles east of Christiana Health Care’s Stanton campus, the 3 story brick and glass structure currently being built by the Commonwealth Group. ICD’s location in Newark, Delaware will allow for easy transportation access.

What Organizations are part of Integrative Care Delaware?

Healthcare organizations such as The Birth Center: Holistic Women’s Health CarePartners in Health and WellbeingPerformance Physical TherapySpinal Health and Wellness at The Birth Center, and other local healthcare providers from across Delaware are affiliating with ICD to create a new vision for integrated healthcare services delivery.

The ultimate goal of ICD is to position itself to provide integrated health services statewide as the organization grows.

Disciplines Included:

• Primary Care*
• Ob/Gyn
• Pediatrics*
• Mental Health (psychotherapy)
• Psychiatry
• Chiropractic
• Physical Therapy (including pelvic PT*)
• Acupuncture
• Nutrition*
• Functional Medicine
• Massage
• Sexual Health
• Urology*

* – indicates that we still need to recruit for this discipline

For more information, contact Kathleen McCarthy (owner of The Birth Center) at mccarthy@thebirthcenter.com and 302-898-2459 or Jan Roberts-Rudzinski LCSW, MSS, MA (CEO, Partners in Health and Wellbeing LLC) at janr@partnersinhealthandwellbeing.com.