by Michelle Porter MPH, RD

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A diagnosis of gestational diabetes should not be laced with harsh judgement, scare tactics, and fear of carbohydrates. Rather, I would prefer it to be an opportunity to learn more about your body, your relationship with food, and how your body utilizes various foods. Moms and their eating habits are the primary predictor of how children will eat—more so than Chester Cheeto, Mickey Mouse, Tony the Tiger, friends at school, etc. There is a bigger impact here that we should not miss: Getting a diagnosis of gestational diabetes often provides a serious motivation to make necessary diet and lifestyle changes; the positive benefits can be far reaching as a mom embarks on raising and feeding another person.

As a Registered Dietician, I believe in providing a deeper knowledge base beyond simple food recommendations because this makes my client more independent and empowered. To both of our benefits, if I educate on this deeper level, I don’t have to be the food police and tell people what to eat! No one likes the food police. I provide true food and diet education and can counsel you through various barriers, but you make the final decision about what to eat with a full understanding of how the food you eat impacts how your body works and feels.

Women’s relationship with food is often complex. I am qualified as an RD in both nutritional sciences and counseling. Combined with my awareness that the conversation surrounding weight and eating is often sensitive, I am uniquely positioned to help you work through a diagnosis of gestational diabetes. I am excited to be a new option to help you effectively improve your health and birth outcomes with the respect, kindness, convenience, and positivity you deserve.

I am offering an experience that is much more comprehensive than one that merely provides handouts of food lists. This program includes multimedia education and consists of:

  • 8 short videos (all 9 minutes or less) that explain the concepts necessary to make informed food decisions. They can be viewed easily on a smart phone, tablet, or other mobile device.
  • A PDF workbook for real world application of the concepts introduced in the videos.
  • A monthly phone call with me to provide individualized support and recommendations.
  • Monthly support groups.

This otherwise $200 program is being offered with an introductory price of $125. To read more or register go to:

In addition to this gestational diabetes program, I also offer virtual nutrition counseling sessions. This means that we would connect via a HIPPA-compliant video chat platform at a convenient time, from the comfort of your home. I have ten years of work experience as an outpatient dietitian in weight management and disease management. My other areas of interest include PCOS, specialty diets such as breastfeeding elimination diets, disordered eating/history of poor relationship with food, and general healthy eating to help improve energy levels.  Sign up for a free consultation at:


Michelle Porter is a Registered Dietitian, a board-certified specialist in obesity and weight management, and a Balanced Breastfeeding Mentor. She earned her undergraduate degree in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University (2007) and received a Masters degree in Public Health from Thomas Jefferson University (2013). Read more of her bio at: