by Kristen Abercrombie

Proud mama moment! We successfully completed our first vacation via plane ride with our 2-year-old. She did fabulous, even with flight delays and no real nap.

I know there are frequent questions about flying with kids and here are some tips for those of you flying with 2-3-year-olds:

  1. Download stuff off Netflix and just live by the rule that anything goes when flying with a toddler. It’s okay to be relaxed about screen time because it will mean a more pleasant trip for everyone! I had to Google how to download shows off Netflix but it’s easy. 
  2. Go to Five Below and buy a ton of Water Wow activity books. Save half of them for the flight home so they are new and exciting. 
  3. No matter how coordinated you think your toddler is, allowing them to get on the escalator by themselves will result in your child falling, you running to the rescue, and your bag stuck at the bottom of the escalator blocking everyone else from getting on while your child is screaming bloody murder and you envision her getting stuck in the metal teeth of the escalator. Don’t ask me how I know that. 
  4. Take your ring sling or soft structured carrier in your carry on bag and leave the stroller at home. Yes, your toddler can walk, but a toddler walking through an airport is pure torture. Use the carrier for long hauls through the airport and use the ring sling for quick ups to get on and off the flight. I saw so many moms without carriers and I just thought: why?!? Your life will be infinitely easier. 
  5. The car seats from the car rental company are actually very nice, cleaned, and inspected thoroughly between each client. Ours looked brand new and saved us from schlepping a car seat through the airport.