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“To empower and support women and families by providing quality and holistic women’s health care, education, and community.


Core Values

Holistic, Empowering, & Supportive



The Birth Center is holistic. We care for the whole person and focus on a holistic review of your mental, emotional, physical, and gynecological health when you come for visits at The Birth Center. We use complementary and alternative techniques, nutrition, and necessary medical treatments.


The Birth Center is empowering. The relationship between the client and the provider is a collaborative one. We educate our clients, empowering women to care for their own bodies. We want our clients to be informed and educated so that each client or family can make the best decision for them. This is so individual. Every woman is different. For one woman, a certain decision may be the right decision, but for another woman, a different choice may be what is best. We want clients to feel empowered to make the decision that is right for them.


The Birth Center is supportive. At The Birth Center, we are there to support women, mothers, and families. This can be seen through emotional support when making a difficult decision or navigating labor, birth, and new motherhood; physical support during labor; or peer support from other women in our community. We understand and value the role support plays in women’s health care, pregnancy, and motherhood.