Being a mom to a newborn can be such a joy. But there is no doubt about it, parenting a newborn is very taxing physically and emotionally. Healing from birth, nighttime feedings, nursing, adjusting to life as a re-defined family with this new little one—it is overwhelming!

Have you considered a Green Cleaning Service to help with some of the new adjustments?

Now is a great time to think about it.
The Birth Center has just entered into a Small Business Partnership with Country Clean. Country Clean is a family owned Green Residential and Commercial Cleaning company that has been operating in New Castle County, DE and Cecil County, MD for over 7 years.10% of proceeds from Country Clean’s green cleaning services will be donated back to the Birth Center.

Reasons to Get some Extra Help during this Special Phase of Life: 

  • Take the Stress off. Plan on healing for several weeks after birth. Your body has just been through a lot of stress! Even this sweet new baby is just that- NEW.  “New” things whether they are good or bad, frequently translate in your body on a physiological level as stress. Take the burden of a clean house off of your plate so you can focus on your new bundle of joy!
  • Being in a clean house gives a sense of peace. It’s a happy place to be in! You will find yourself calmer when the kitchen is clean and organized and the bathrooms and floors are all clean as well.
  • Function better. It’s no fun to be fumbling around looking for a pacifier at 2 AM when the baby needs it the most! Your home will be better organized and easier to maintain with cleaning service.
  • It’s safe! Living in a home that has been maintained by green cleaning services will keep yucky germs away but also be completely safe for you, your pets, the environment, and your newborn. It is so important to use non-toxic cleaning products. Country Clean uses commercial grade products that are rated highly by the Environmental Working Group,, a non-profit organization dedicated to living in a holistically healthy and environmentally friendly way. Check them out!
  • Have more Time. Enjoy your baby. They grow so much this first year, soak up every moment you can!

A cleaning service isn’t just for new moms! We offer services to all! Keeping up a house is an overwhelming and daunting task.  If you have children, pets, or work, then you very well could use some extra help around the house.

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