Why come see us on April 21st?! There are lots of reasons!!

  1. To see us! We are so excited to see all of you and your little ones! It is so fun to see how they have grown! Whether your baby is 1 month or 30 years old, we would LOVE to see you!
  2. To pick the paint colors for the birth rooms in the new building! We need your help! We have 3 blues chosen and 3 yellows chosen for the yellow and blue room. The shade of the color that gets the most votes will be the color of the room! Since all rooms will be waterbirth rooms, we need a third room color. For our third room, we haven’t been able to decide between green and purple. So, we chose 3 greens and 3 purples and we are going to go off your votes! Vote for which color you prefer and the shade you like best! We can’t wait to see what the final choices are!
  3. To shop local vendors! We have over 25 awesome vendors coming to the event. See them all listed here. Many of the vendors are Birth Center Mamas selling some cool stuff!
  4. To learn about local offerings. Some of our vendors provide various services in our community. Come learn more about them and what they offer! We think there are some pretty great ones!
  5. To have something great to eat and get some really good coffee! We are so excited to have Elements of Nutrition’s food truck, Gonzo’s Kitchen at the shower. They serve only grass fed, hormone, antibiotic free pasture raised farm meats organic, grass fed, hormone free pesticide free, no artificial ingredients, Non-GMO. Vegetarian and vegan options are always available on organic or gluten free rolls! Coffee will be available from LOMA Coffee! You have to check them out on Market Street if you haven’t already!
  6. To let your kids play! We are going to have a fun kids corner set up where your little ones can enjoy some music and crafts! Any children in attendance can help build a piece of artwork for the new center by adding their fingerprint to a Birth Center Family Tree! There will also be a face painter from 9 am to 11 am!
  7. To participate in the silent auction! We have lots of cool stuff for the auction. Make sure to make a bid. Make sure to watch it so you can be sure to get the item!!
  8. To help us decorate our new center! We would love your help! We have items you can purchase as a baby shower gift for our new center. Make sure to stop by the TBC tables to see what we have planned!
  9. To catch up with old friends and meet some new ones! Tell your friends and family to go too! Anyone is welcome. You don’t have to be a TBC client to attend.
  10. And most of all, because it will be fun!!