What is the date of the move?

Due to construction, the date is hard to predict. We will know when we get closer to the move.

How will we handle the move for pregnant moms that could deliver in either location?

We are keeping moms informed of any updates at their visits. There will never be a time one location is not open. The current location will stay open until our Christiana location opens. Once the Christiana location is ready, we will invite all moms for a tour of the center so they can get comfortable with the setting prior to delivery.

Will there be a blue and yellow room?

Yes! As many of you know, we currently have the blue room, yellow room, and waterbirth room. In the new center, all rooms with be waterbirth rooms so we will need a third color. We are going to have a vote at the baby shower. There will be 3 shades of yellow and 3 shades of blue to vote on for the yellow and blue room. For the third room, there will be 3 shades of green and 3 shades of purple. That room will be the purple or green room depending on what room gets the most votes!

Will there be a family room where mom’s family and friends can hang during labor? Will it have a homey feel?

Yes! There will be a family room with comfortable seating for family and friends to be during labor. There will also be a kitchen where families and partners can prepare food for the celebration meal!

Will there be a waterbirth tub in every room?

Yes, all three births rooms will have a waterbirth tub that moms can labor and deliver in if they choose.

Will the new center have a place for siblings to play during appointments and/or labor?

Yes, the waiting room will have a play area for kids. In the new center, the office, where you go for appointments, will be separate from the birth suites. If families plan to bring children to the labor and birth, we ask that they pack toys, videos, or activities to keep them occupied during labor.

Will there be stairs or an elevator?

The entire Birth Center will be on the first floor. So although the building will have stairs and an elevator, they won’t be needed to go to The Birth Center.

More questions? Let us know!