by Justine Deputy, RN, MSN

At The Birth Center, we don’t have specific gowns that you wear during labor. You wear whatever you would like to wear during labor. This varies from person to person. So here are some of the common things to wear during your labor at The Birth Center. There are many options, the midwife just needs to be able to see what’s happening as labor progresses!

  1. Dress: Have a comfortable flowy dress? Or maybe a nightgown or skirt? Sometimes that is a very comfortable during labor.
  2. Comfortable Shirt: Have a comfortable top that just makes you feel good? Maybe it is a fitted tank top because you find that comfortable or maybe it is loose fitting because you like that style better.
  3. Robe: A robe can be comfortable to wrap around you. You can also just have it on to cover your back, but have it open in the front if you don’t want anything on your belly.
  4. Sports Bra or Bathing Suit Top: If you prefer something that just covers your breasts, a sports bra or bathing suit top can be perfect, especially in the tub. It is helpful if it isn’t too hard to take off so we can help you get it off as soon as your baby is out for skin to skin time with baby.
  5. Designer Robes: There are many different brands of maternity robes out there. These are slightly different than a regular robe and are often made to resemble the style of the gowns in the hospital (but often better). They can be used for delivery and nursing. Pink Blush is probably one of the most popular brands.
  6. NOTHING!: Many people find the most comfortable thing of all is absolutely nothing. We want you to be comfortable. So if that is wearing nothing at all, that is okay. Some people wouldn’t expect that they wouldn’t be wearing anything, but then find that is what is most comfortable in labor for them.

In the end, you might not know exactly what you want to wear in labor. Options are great. It doesn’t hurt to pack a few different things if you aren’t quite sure. The Birth Center provides pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and GYN services to women from adolescence through menopause. Pregnancy services include prenatal care, labor and birth services, education and exercise classes for those planning to deliver at TBC or a hospital.