A few messages from our lovely clients!

“Kathleen is awesome. As a “geriatric” mom-to-be, I was 4 days overdue, taking homeopathics, receiving electrostim acupuncture, and had my membranes swept, but still no baby. I was under threat of being induced if DD didn’t arrive by 41 weeks. I went to see Kathleen at 40w5d. As she swept my membranes, she promised she was going to get me into labor. 2 hours later as I was sitting down for lunch, the contractions started, and she was right. I was able to have my birth at TBC as I had hoped, planned and wanted because of Kathleen!!” ~ Liz, Birth Center Mama

“All the midwives are amazing!! Dorinda is wonderful and so loving attentive and caring, she really helped make our recent birth experience and stay so comforting! I can’t say enough good things about her!” ~ Birth Center Mama

“By the time I was fully dilated, Katie Mansur arrived to take over. She was the very first midwife I met at TBC back in February 2016. Upon meeting her, I instinctively trusted her and knew I would be in good hands. While I was aware that any of the midwives would catch my baby, I secretly hoped it would be Katie. What a joyful surprise when Katie appeared that morning. I was laboring in the water but at some point, my face must have given me away because she promptly said, ‘I’m getting you out because you look annoyed.’ I guess I was getting tired of laboring in the water without much progress after I had been fully dilated for a couple hours. So her words of encouragement followed me to the birthing seat, then onto the bed where she had me laying on my side. I felt secure, safe, and relaxed under her supervision. 2.5 hours later, Katie caught my daughter, Ella. I am forever grateful that I had my birth at TBC because I have such warm, fuzzy, and positive feelings about my experience. I think I even turned to my partner to say that I wanted another, right then and there, Haha, my experience had been that positive and powerful.” ~ Liz, Birth Center Mama

“When I was in the beginning stages of a miscarriage last fall, Katie Mansur took a crazy amount of time (and my appointment was just supposed to be with a nurse, not with her!) talking to me, reassuring me, walking me through options, and just, honestly–LOVING me. I was and am really overwhelmed at her kindness and care that really went beyond any reasonable expectation for a prenatal visit. She was a bright light in the middle of a terrible experience.” ~ Julie, Birth Center Mama

“Katie is amazing. She was the reason my husband agreed to us staying at The Birth Center after our first appointment was with her. He joked that he didn’t realize he married “a crunchy hippie” and was not entirely sold on the birth center thing. We loved all the midwives, but always came back to Katie hoping she’d be the one to catch Hadley. She was funny, straight forward, and amazing at putting us at ease. Fortunate for us, she was on call when I went into labor and caught Hadley. I remember her humor and gentleness during my labor was exactly what I needed and my husband needed as well. Every time I’d get discouraged and try to quit, she was cheering me on and encouraging me. I had complications afterwards and Katie came to the hospital with me. She was my rock when my husband couldn’t be there and went through some scary stuff with me when I was most vulnerable. I truly owe her the world for being the light during a traumatic experience. ” ~ Renee, Birth Center Mama

“My husband was the one who told me about The Birth Center, knowing what kind of birth I wanted. Ironically, he was also very skeptical about going to The Birth Center. He was afraid we’d find a bunch of anti-modern medicine people who wouldn’t get me the proper care if it was needed in the name of being natural. Katie Mansur completely won him over! I happened to see her at almost every one of my appointments with my first pregnancy and she ended up catching my son. Her straight-forward, matter of fact attitude, good humor, and knowledge made my husband completely comfortable with TBC and confident in their care. He would have supported my decision either way, but having him not only completely comfortable with TBC, but preferring to use them for all remaining pregnancies is priceless!” ~ Katie, Birth Center Mama

“Nicole saved me and my baby’s life when my 10 pounder got her shoulder stuck – and I will forever be thankful that God blessed me with her as my midwife that day!! She is THE best!!” ~ Karly, Birth Center Mama

“Sarah Grace is an amazing woman who got to catch my youngest!!! She kept me in focus and was beyond comforting. She let me have the birth I wanted and supported me every second!!!” ~ Ali, Birth Center Mama

“Sarah Beebe did my first ever well woman exam when she was doing her clinicals at TBC, and she was so caring and reassuring.” ~ Kasey, Birth Center Mama

“I really enjoyed having Lindsay as part of our birth experience. ” ~ Christine, Birth Center Mama

“Baby #2 was caught by the dynamic duo of Sarah B and Ariela. I was lucky to have both awesome ladies there.” ~ Rosalie, Birth Center Mama

“Sarah Updegraft was a source of endless reassurance and a calming force while I was in labor. I will always be grateful for the support that she gave my family on that day.” ~ Jessica, Birth Center Mama

“I LOVE all of the midwives at TBC. I am shy and reserved. I tend to hold back questions and concerns because I don’t want to be a burden. All the midwives took their time and seemed to know when I was holding anything back. They made me feel loved and important. My family had an awful tragedy halfway through my pregnancy and Sarah U. was there. She really helped guide me through the whole thing, both emotionally and physically. She was there for Luna’s birth, and I couldn’t have been in better more understanding hands. She knew the journey I was going through emotionally. She made my emotions feel valid, when they seemed crazy to me. I am forever grateful for her! I would’ve been thrilled with any of the midwives because they’re all great! I just connected with Sarah.” ~ Samantha, Birth Center Mama

We are also so thankful for all of our nurses and everything they do for the Birth Center! Peggy, Megan, Katie I., Beth, Dawn, Jennifer, Deb, Hannah, Katelyn, Katie M., Gwynne, Corinne, and Justine you are all awesome!!