by Justine Deputy, RN, MSN

When a new baby arrives many old relationships change and evolve. The relationship between baby’s parents and grandparents has a whole new dynamic. Most new moms and dads want to have a good relationship with their parents and watch their parents create a bond with the new baby. New grandparents want to be helpful in whatever way they can be and of course get some major baby snuggles in when they have the opportunity (who wouldn’t ? ). So below is what TBC mamas say is helpful in regards to the grandparent relationship.

What Can Be Helpful to New Mamas?

  • Watch baby in baby’s home even if just so mom can take a shower, bathe, eat the food they brought, put in a load of laundry, etc.
  • Help with chores without being asked / asking what can be done. (This depends on the personality of the mama. Ask mom what she prefers.): Cook, clean, do some laundry, walk the dog, etc. Be specific about requests. i.e. Can I do the dishes for you?
  • Respect parent’s wishes and parenting styles.
  • Discuss boundaries while pregnant, but be aware things change.
  • Spend time with their parents and baby. Parents live far away? Video chat!
  • Run errands together. Whether helping in the store or waiting in the car with baby because he or she is sleeping, it makes errands so much easier.
  • Come to the new parents house for visits.
  • Call before stopping by the new-parents house.

Overall, know that everyone usually means well. Grandparents are just trying to help, and mamas have postpartum hormones swirling and that mama bear instinct. Enjoy watching the new relationships blossom with that sweet baby!