by Justine Deputy, RN, MSN

Deciding when to tell others you are pregnant is an individual decision and depends on the mama and partner. Some want to shout it out when they first find out while others want to wait a period of time before letting friends and family know. Some tell a few close family members and friends while others may keep it between the two parents for a little while.

So what did other Birth Center Mamas do? We polled them to find out!


Clearly, the big winner is the end of the first trimester / beginning of the second trimester. Mamas answered based on when the pregnancy was no longer a secret. Many had told select family and friends prior to that point. But, we certainly had mamas who told earlier and later.

Here is a breakdown of some of their thoughts:

Lots of mamas said they told close family members and friends early on, but waited a little while to put on social media.

Some wanted to wait to tell work while others told work early since the pregnancy might have an impact on their work.

Some found it hard to hide the pregnancy when avoiding alcohol when out with family and friends.

In the case of miscarriage, some mamas found it very hard to have told others about the pregnancy and then have to tell them about their loss; while others found it comforting letting others know they were pregnant to decrease isolation in case of a loss.

Whatever you choose to do, just know there is no wrong time to tell people you are pregnant. Each one of us is different and the best thing to do is whatever feels right to you!