by Justine Deputy, RN, MSN

My first Hike it Baby hike was at White Clay Creek State Park on the Bryan’s Field trail over the summer. I can’t remember how I found out about Hike it Baby, but I am so glad I did. It was a decent sized group, maybe six or seven other mamas. Everyone was so friendly and it was a beautiful day. I was very excited to have found this community of mamas who also love the outdoors!

Nature has always been a place where I find calmness. As a kid, I remember playing in the creek behind my best friend’s house, running around playing tag until it got dark and riding our bikes or scooters around the neighborhood and to the park. In college, I started running, hiking, and camping. I continued to get more involved in running and biking in the years after college. My husband and I’s relationship was very much built through many bike rides and runs on the roads and trails! So being outside is my happy place. I didn’t even realize how much I missed it until I found Hike it Baby. Don’t get me wrong, I still got outside the first year with Warren, but not as much as I do now!

In motherhood, calmness is often hard toachieve. Even when found, the craziness from balancing the many responsibilities we have as parents can be overwhelming. For me, the outdoors has the ability to wash that all away. Even… actually especially on the days where I might not feel like going out or feel that I don’t have the time to get out, a hike is just what I need!

The benefits of getting outside don’t stop with me, Warren enjoys it too! Especially as he gets older, I find his love for the outdoors grows. He is calmer on the days we spend lots of time outdoors. And watching him explore and learn about nature is so fun to see!

We tell mamas not to stay cooped up inside after having a baby. Getting outside is good for the mind, body, and soul. Hike it Baby is a wonderful opportunity for mamas (and/or partners, grandparents, and nanny’s) to get out with other families in a friendly, supportive, and judgement free environment.

There is something for everyone. Stroller walks, trail hikes, toddler led hikes, and more. You don’t need to be experienced or worry if your little one might be fussy or need to eat. The group waits for everyone whether someone needs a diaper change, needs to eat, or just needs to take a minute to rest. You can even host a hike to work around your schedule and location.

I encourage you to join the Hike it Baby community. I really think you will find it to be well worth your time!

More about Hike it Baby:


Family hiking group aimed at getting families outside!


Hike it Baby is an all-inclusive community and everyone is welcome to join our events, from the newest baby to the eldest of the family. We welcome nannies, grannies, parents, and caregivers of all ages (Hike it Baby, 2016).


Hikes are at various locations. You can find schedule hikes here once you are logged into your account. Can’t find a hike convenient for you? Host a hike by reviewing the info here and contacting your branch ambassador!


Hikes are all different times and dates. You can find hikes here once you are logged into your account.


Go to and register! Beginning January 1st, there is a $10 yearly fee. Only $10 for an entire year of access to this awesome community as well as discounts on outdoor gear. New to the group and want to try it out first? There is a 90 day free trial membership! Once a member, join the group on a hike!

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More questions? Visit the Hike it Baby FAQs.