by Justine Deputy, RN, MSN

Nursing bras… an addition to your wardrobe after having a baby. So what bras provide support, are flexible for nursing, AND are comfortable? Our mamas weigh in below!

The suggestions below are all taken from Birth Center Mamas on our private Facebook groups. Want to join? Email

Nursing Bras


  • Forgiving in sizing.
  • Decently supportive despite the lack of underwire.
  • You can use the extender to help it fit early on, but not be too big later.

Cake Maternity

  • They have a step by step guide of how to measure yourself and that was very helpful when I was ordering online.

The Dairy Fairy

  • Great for larger breasts!


  • Will turn ANY bra into a nursing bra for a fee.

Bare Essentials

  • Local, can get a fitting!
  • Those ladies get all up in your boobs and fit you to perfection. I looked like a new woman when I walked out of there!


  • Women’s Sophie Nursing Bra – Comfy and pretty


  • Love this bra for larger breasts!

Goddess Bra

  • It took me forever to find the perfect breastfeeding bra that was supportive and didn’t give the uniboob look. It is expensive, but well worth every penny. I also love this company to order online. I have had to send back ones that didn’t fit, and they were great to work with.

Anemone Women’s Bralette Sports Bra Tank Top Cami Convertible Straps

  • LOVE these especially now that my son is older. I am still nursing, but like that I can get away from the typical nursing bras and their bulky straps. Not technically a nursing bra, but works like one! (Best for a smaller chest).

Pumping Bras:

Simple Wishes Supermom All-in-One Nursing and Pumping Bra

  • Simple Wishes hands free pumping bra is the BEST! It works so well and is so adjustable and comfortable!

Rumina’s Classic Nursing Tank with Hands-Free Pumping Bra

  • I’m large chested and in love with Rumina pumping tanks (the full coverage option)!!!!!