by Courtney Loughney, M.Ed, RYT

“Why are you here?” I ask my Adult Yogis, “Why did you take the time to make it to your mat this morning?” There are many answers to this question, none of them wrong. Whatever the reason, I am glad that they took the time to move their bodies and explore what their yoga practice has to offer.

Yoga, literally translated means to Yoke, or the union of the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga offers a way for us to explore how we store our past experiences and traumas in the body. When we start to move into postures that release tension it is possible to experience intense emotions, or to have people or past experiences pop into our minds. This is the mind-body connection.

Often it is much more comfortable to ignore these feelings. However, if we allow ourselves to sit with the emotion, allow our bodies to begin to release tension and the past experience that is being held in the body, we become aware that our minds are still being triggered by the experience.

Yoga offers more than physical benefits. When we begin to move consciously through postures, paying attention to where our minds wander, we can begin to translate this to situations off the mat. When we come into a challenging pose do we engage in negative self talk? Is this how we handle challenging problems in real life scenarios? When we develop self awareness and acknowledge our triggers, we can move through life more grounded with less regrets.

Being grounded does not equate to perfection. Reminding yourself that you are human, that you will fly off the handle every now and again, and encouraging yourself to find humor when it happens, is key to continuous growth of the spirit. Acknowledging mistakes and sitting with your emotions will keep you grounded.

In honor of Yoga Month, I encourage you to find a yoga dvd, take a new class, or dive deeper by adding journaling into your practice. Wherever you are on your path, keep on your journey, keep doing the work to be a better you.


Courtney Loughn11-238x300ey, M.Ed, RYT Courtney is the mother of two children and owner of Le Petit Yogi, a children’s yoga company. When she was 18 she popped in a Yoga VHS and finally felt at home. Courtney’s yoga practice remains her constant, though always evolving through student life, yoga instructor, mother, wife and business owner. To connect with Courtney, visit or email: