by Justine Deputy, RN, MSN

The mentorship was such a great experience! A group of 11 mamas joined us on May 21st to become The Birth Center’s very first group of Birth Center Mentors! Each woman shared her experiences related to pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum leading her to the course that day. The mothers were honest and genuine in the sharing of the stories, not just focusing on the happy parts but also the really hard parts.13268015_1730680543871413_1657101179700252037_o

As mothers, we all know that this job is not always easy! Sometimes in today’s society we bury things and are not always honest with others. And that is okay. Maybe the acquaintance you run into at the grocery store is not the person to cry to about how your postpartum difficulties. But, you do need SOMEONE. Someone who understands. Someone who can empathize. Sometimes you might not need advice. Maybe, you just need someone to say “wow mama that is HARD and you are handling it wonderfully!” At The Birth Center, our goal is to further strengthen the community and support for mothers in pregnancy and postpartum.

We are free of judgement, criticism, and negativity towards others. Rather we focus on respect for others, support from fellow women, the building of friendships, and the celebration of triumphs! 

Private, Mentor Led Facebook Group!

The mentors will be working with mamas in a variety of ways. We are excited to announce the launch of our private, mentor led Facebook group! Through the “Birth Center Mamas” group, women will have access to the local community of pregnant women and mothers to gain support, advice, and friendship! Want to join this awesome group? To be eligible to join you have to be a client of TBC. Whether you are a patient or have just taken a class at TBC, you can join! Send The Birth Center a Facebook message or me an email at Please include 1. your email address 2. how you are affiliated with TBC (examples: patient, had baby at TBC, took the hospital birth class last January, etc.). We cannot wait to see this community grow!

Stayed tuned in the coming months for more from The Birth Center Mentors!