by Justine Deputy, RN, MSN

Most of you reading this are probably pregnant mamas. Feel free to continue reading, but I want you to share this one with your partners. Mamas need support in pregnancy. In many circumstances, the majority of that support comes from the partner. Engagement and involvement from mom’s partner can decrease her stress and anxiety surrounding pregnancy, birth, and caring for a new baby while providing her with the support and assistance she needs to get through this time. Here are some tips with experiences from Birth Center mamas and dads!

Pregnancy Tips

Tip #1: Go to the classes!

  • “My husband came with me to Katie’s class while I was pregnant, and he remembered how to hand express properly when I was still in those hazy days right after my C-section.” ~ Lara, Birth Center Mama
  • “I remembered from breastfeeding class that my whole job was to keep you fed, hydrated, and I guess a little sane.” ~ Joe, Birth Center Dad
  • “My husband went to all of our birthing and breastfeeding classes (@ TBC), and took copious notes. He read ‘The Birth Partner’ and was super prepared to be the only other person with me when we had our son. He was so great keeping me grounded and relaxed during contractions; I’m pretty sure my face would have been scrunched and tensed the entire time if he wasn’t there.” ~ Joyce, Birth Center Mama
  • “My husband came with me to classes at The Birth Center. When I had to be induced at the hospital the staff started to explain the process and the foley bulb, but my husband stopped them to say we knew how it worked. The staff asked how we knew, and my husband said classes. The hospital staff was in awe and wanted to know where we went to class. And when I developed mastitis two weeks after our daughter was born my husband had the knowledge to help me successfully nurse our daughter through it all. When I was at my worst with mastitis he did everything so I could nurse, pump, and sleep. When I felt too weak to do that he helped latch the baby, and we worked as a team to figure out how to nurse while I was laying on my side. All the classes at The Birth Center were eye opening, and the education we got at The Birth Center helped us be prepared for the life-changing experience of becoming a parent. Knowledge is power!“ ~ Nichole, Birth Center Mama
  • “Justine talks about birth and postpartum so much it helped me prepare to be there for her and baby. We also reviewed the class powerpoints of the classes she teaches together. Knowing what to expect really made the transition easier.” ~ Craig, Birth Center Dad

Tip #2: Be understanding! Your partner is growing a baby after all! She may need some extra rest or help carrying a heavy box up the stairs. This means more work for you, but think of everything her body is doing.

  • “While pregnant, my husband made dinner during the week since I passed out as soon as I got home. He would wake me to eat and then I would fall asleep again.” ~ Morgan, Birth Center Mama
  • “We moved during my second trimester which meant a lot more work for my husband. I am grateful he never complained or made me feel bad for not helping more.” ~ Justine, Birth Center Mama

Tip #3: Be a team! Do some research. Be a part of decisions.

  • “My husband did a lot of research for the decisions we needed to make about our baby. He found The Birth Center!” ~ Morgan, Birth Center Mama