by Justine Deputy, RN, BSN

Happy Mama’s Day to the mama that…

Is just getting to know baby and navigate the first few days and weeks of

Is recovering from a cesarean birth that was not part of the plan

Has made her robe her number one accessory

Has not slept for over 2 hours in a row in days or weeks

Is navigating the first week home alone with baby

Has spit up on her clothes and has hair that needs washed

Is managing two, three, or more little ones at
home with a new baby

Is fighting to breastfeed through sore nipples and breastfeeding challenges

Has decided to formula feed because that is the best decision for the family

Asks for help and advice from family or friends

Is up for hours rocking a teething baby

Pumps every day at work to provide baby with breastmilk

Is exclusively feeding from the breast because baby won’t take a bottle

Is not afraid to cry sometimes because motherhood can be hard

Takes time to go on a date night with her partner to focus on her relationship

Skips cleaning the house to spend some time playing with her kids

Is struggling with postpartum depression or anxiety

Is preparing for baby to arrive in the coming days, weeks, or months

Has a baby that is not a baby anymore, maybe even one having his or her own baby

Has lost a baby or child

Is longing to be a mother

No matter what your experiences are or where you are in the journey of motherhood, Happy Mama’s Day to an extraordinary mother who does what is best for YOU and YOUR baby!