The childbearing experience is one of good health for the overwhelming majority of families; for them comprehensive maternity care is preventative, not curative. Childbearing families are entitled to maternity care that is safe, satisfying, and economical and are entitled to participate as members of the team deciding on the care that is appropriate to their individual needs.

We commit to:

  • Providing safe maternity care to low-risk women in a home-like, out-of-hospital setting.
  • Ensuring prenatal satisfaction through a highly educational personalized form of care that encourages intra-family participation in the management of childbearing and well-woman care.
  • Providing low-cost, high-quality care utilizing a CNM/obstetrician team as the nucleus supported by pediatric and registered nurse care during the birth/postpartum/neonatal process. Consultant services of a nutritionist, psychologist, and pharmacist are utilized as necessary.
  • Providing, in cooperation with universities and health-care institutions, internship and clinical experience for student CNMs and RN’s.
  • Participating in and conducting lectures, forums, seminars, and meetings for professionals and the public, with a vision of improving awareness of the options available and the importance of quality maternity and well-woman care.