by Justine Deputy, RN, BSN

I remember going to GYN appointments before I started coming to The Birth Center. I went to an OB/GYN practice in the area and there never failed to be a ridiculous wait. The last time I went there I waited over 2 HOURS before my appointment. Finally, I was taken back by a medical assistant then waited more time to see the doctor. The doctor was friendly at first, but quick. Not giving much time to talk or ask questions. Just doing what she needed to do. Then during my breast exam her phone rang. She proceeded to talk on the phone to her daughter while finishing my breast exam! Lets just say I didn’t feel as though I received quality care at that visit.

Fast forward to learning about The Birth Center. Not only did I not know The Birth Center offered gynecological care, I had not heard of The Birth Center. I am so glad I found it! The Birth Center offers care like I have never seen before in any type of practice. Personal, caring, respectful, and thorough care by a certified nurse midwife. She knows your name. She asks about you kids, your dog, or your spouse. She laughs with you. She lets you shed a tear. She LISTENS. She does all the physical components of an annual GYN exam. She gives you time to ask questions. She refers you to a specialist if needed. She CARES.

GYN visits include screening, evaluation, education, and counseling. It is recommended women receive an exam yearly. When was the last time you had a GYN visit? Are you due? Call The Birth Center at 302-658-2229 to schedule an appointment with one our midwives!