Some people are clear about what they want out of life, they are aware of their passions early on, or they might have an intuitive sense of a gift or talent and then develop it.
When I was in college I took piano lessons, it was short lived. I have a passion for music but was not so passionate about practicing the piano. At one point in the semester my teacher invited me to a concert to hear a twelve year old prodigy. When he came on stage and sat down at the piano I noticed that his feet barely touched the peddles, yet he played a most difficult piece of music with a fire in his belly. His passion, his enthusiasm and is spirit were awe inspiring.
Years later our paths crossed again, this time in a very different setting. I was working in a cancer research lab and my boss’s boss was the young piano player’s father.  We were at a party and I remember sitting on the steps talking about how I had seen him in concert several years prior. I said if I were to come back into this life again, I would want to be able to express myself musically with the kind of passion he displayed. The irony was that he wanted to be doing the work that I was doing. He wanted to find a cure for cancer!
How do we follow our dreams when we are gifted in many areas, or don’t feel we are gifted at all. I am passionate about music, it moves me, it soothes me, it takes me to another dimension of my soul, yet I do not play an instrument. I indulge in musical pleasures as often as I can, I have many friends that are outstanding musicians, and I share my passion with others. I have many other interests that are fulfilling, and I continue to share my gifts and talents with others.
I think it’s important to tap into a place deep within and ask what makes your heart sing, then find a way to explore how to bring that thing you are passionate about to fruition. When you do, you’ll find a fire in your belly, and when you do go out and share your gifts and talents with others.