We are all amazing and powerful beings and deserve to live a vibrant happy, meaningful life! Our health and our happiness is a reflection of our state of our mind and body.

We are captains of our own ship. If we do not like where we are heading we have to change course. There are times, and will be times in our life that we don’t like where we are. We feel stuck! We are just so lost in our experience that we do not see a way out. Feeling “stuck” is a miserable experience. We are sometimes so mired down by our life circumstances that we cannot muster the energy to move forward, nor do we see the limitless possibility for change and our health and wellbeing are affected. The most notable effects include but are not limited to hormonal disruption, insomnia, decreased immunity, lethargy, depression and weight gain.

When we are in this dark period we can barely see the light. Couple this “dark period” with major life changes; such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause and you will have a hormonal firestorm.

We then have two choices: Live in the land of misery or move forward and create a life that works.

So how do we proceed? Step by step. We must first look at what part(s) of our life are out of sync. Each aspect of our life affects the other creating either symphony of wellbeing or a recipe for “dis-ease”.

Step One:  Rate Your Life

Wheel of Life

  • Print out the worksheet below.
  • Grade each area of your life using a scale from 1-10.
  • Identify three areas to take action steps on.
  • (Health & Fitness should be one of them).
  • Choose three action steps for each of the three areas.
  • Follow my monthly blog for ideas to clean up or polish each area.