I was told I would never have babies. So when I was surprised with this pregnancy, I wanted everything to go perfectly. I started at The Birthing Center immediately. I enjoyed every visit and appointment. I felt very confident and everything was going smoothly. At 34 weeks and 5 days on a Wednesday morning I woke up bleeding and was very scared. I called and spoke with Lindsay and she assured me everything would be okay and that I needed to go get checked at the hospital. She was readily available the entire time I was at the hospital to answer all questions and just be there for support. At the hospital I was told I was 3cm dilated but not in labor. So Lindsay told me to go home on bed rest.

I really wanted my water birth and felt very upset, hoping I could hold out the next two weeks. On Friday I went to the Birth Center for an exam to see my status. Kathleen was kind and gave me great words of advice and assured me everything would be fine no matter what way it turned out. I left and went straight home back to bed rest. A couple of hours later I could not control my bladder or so I thought! I called and spoke with Lindsay and told her the situation. She advised that I come in immediately. This was at 3pm roughly. I called my husband and sister. Both were on their way to my home. I casually changed and prepared to go to the Center. At 3:45pm I had my first contraction. I was advised to go straight to hospital. My sister arrived first and we stopped off to the store to get cash for the bridge and she was getting snacks for my daughter. I was very calm and not in a great deal of pain.

My husband met us at the store and put me in his car. On the way from NJ to Christiana Hospital I started having heavy contractions. I looked at the clock and realized they were only 2 minutes apart and I was not even in DE yet!! I was very nervous. I arrived at the hospital at 445pm. I was taken into the room to see how dilated I was. They were all shocked realizing I was already 100 percent effaced and 7cm dilated. They quickly rushed me to the delivery room. Dr. Smith arrived and quickly told me to push at the next contraction. My son was born 5 weeks early at 7pm March 9 2012. After the labor and birth, all of the nurses told me that they could tell I was a Birth Center mother because I was so calm, peaceful and had great breathing techniques. After the birth I was in constant contact with the midwives and have had all of my follow up visits so far and a great deal of breast feeding support! Even though I did not have my water birth at the center, I still feel as though I had the best experience I could have because of the Birth Center and midwives!