I went to the birth center during my first pregnancy in hopes of a natural birth. At 41wks I was risked out due to low amniotic fluid levels. I was utterly devastated, I had not even considered I would be birthing in a hospital.
During my 2nd pregnancy I considered a homebirth, but could not find a midwife suitable and lacked financial resources. I figured I would give it a go again at the birth center.
At 39wks exactly I started having contractions early Tuesday morning around midnight. They did not get organized until about 3:30am, at which they were lasting a minute long and 10 minutes apart; continued at that pace until about 5:30pm. I called the midwife at the birth center at around 6am to let her know what was going on, that I ‘might’ be in labor. I would call if there was any change. Throughout the day rested the best i could during contractions, showered and bathed. I stayed comfortable and managed well. My husband came home from his first job, knowing these could stop any time and I was “only 39wks” I sent him off to his 2nd job at 5:30pm. My mother in law came over to sit with me and my 2.5yr old toddler. He took the cell phone with him and i told him i would call him if they got closer together.
Around 6pm they were 8 minutes apart and lasting a minute, they required more concentration at this point. i took another shower and had planned to call my husband, Rodney, after i got out and let him know to head home because within the hour i suspected we would head to the birth center when they were about 6-7 minutes apart. After i got out of the shower I called him and told him to come home. Then suddenly they were 4-5 minutes apart and lasting a minute. I paged the midwife to let her know they had changed and we were heading to the birth center and would be there about 8:45pm.
Rodney got home and we left about 7:40pm. About 20-25 minutes into our 70 minute drive the contractions changed to 2-3 minutes apart; at this point i knew i was in transition told Rodney to turn on the hazard lights and go! I had seriously thought we would not make it and I would have to deliver the baby myself – which I was totally okay with. i had packed extra blankets just in case :o) we were about 10-15 minutes from the birth center and my bowels had emptied. I knew baby was coming VERY SOON! My husband had asked if i wanted him to pull over i said no, keep going – run stop signs and lights when we get off the freeway. I was actually giving him directions to the birth center upon getting off the freeway while pushing – multitasking at its finest ;O)
We were about 10 minutes from the birth center and my body started pushing and i started praying that the baby could hold on just a few more minutes. We arrived at the birth center and i jumped out of the car without shoes, pounded on the door and the midwife let me in. I asked if we could use the pink room, now the water birth room since this baby was about to be born ASAP. I was told the yellow room was prepped and ready. Somehow I managed to get up the stairs, I have no idea how. We went quickly up to the room i had chosen, i took off my pants and they cleaned me up. Rodney was turning off the car while they were cleaning me up, he uncertain which room I was in almost missed the birth. He came up stairs and i was kneeling on the bed; I told him to come towards me so I could brace myself on his . shoulders. I remained kneeling. i put my arms around him and pushed for about 2 minutes, Dorinda asked me to slow down. My body was pushing with the force of a freight train, the force was unstoppable. My waters broke and Jonas surfed on out….about 4.5 minutes after we got to the birth center! I caught my breath, looked down and exclaimed “it’s a boy!” He was born at 8:57pm, weighing 7lbs 4oz and measuring 19 3/4 inches.

Dorinda told me not to move too suddenly because the cord was short. I leaned back and they brought him up to my chest. The nurse rubbed him with a blanket. It happened so quickly and suddenly it took me a while to take it all in, it was so surreal! The midwife and nursed kept telling me how amazing it was and how awesome i was, they loved on me and reassured me how amazing my body was. That is something you don’t get in a hospital. I delivered the placenta less than 10mins minutes later and had Rodney take pictures of the placenta. Though in hindsight I regret not having it encapsulated.
I packed a bag full of goodies to eat during labor, candles and music to use – none of which i used. i told Rodney to get one of the cd’s i packed so i could relax. Jonas nursed about 20 minutes after birth. he was alert and wide awake for 3hrs after birth, two of which he nursed for off and on.

My parents in law brought Reed up to the birth center around 11:30pm. The first time we told him to give the baby a kiss he actually licked the baby’s head, lol! He kissed Jonas almost every hour it seemed for the first few days (they are 6.5yrs and almost 4yrs well its quite a different story now). He is handed it even better than we anticipated. He is very curious about where the baby is and what he is doing
My husband is much more comfortable with the idea of a home birth and having seen a midwife in action; knowing they are fully capable and posses the skills to attend births outside of a hospital setting.

True to the form, in April I gave birth to my 3rd son at home with a midwife.

I love midwives! I love the birth center! They were a huge part in my pregnancies and births.