We were given a beautiful gift this week by the Kanienberg family.  Christian, of Wish Painting and Sculpture, and proud Birth Center Daddy, painted a huge, whimsical beanstalk in the children’s play area of waiting room.

“About a year ago my wife discovered The Birth Center in Wilmington. I was skeptical as a lot of Dads are, but this facility soon became a home. We became fast friends with the staff and respective families. Wish wanted to offer a work to serve as a promotional piece, but mainly as a means to give back to the place that helped usher our daughter safely and openly into this world. The bonus is that a big baby girl arrived during the very execution of this mural. Piper’s name is “carved” into the beanstalk trunk for years to come.”  Christian Kanienberg, Wish Painting and Sculpture

The children’s play area as you may remember it   &  The finished product (from a toddler’s perspective)

The Spider (see Piper’s name painted in the beanstalk?) & The Sparrow

The Ladybug







The Artist.

The Project Manager.

Sweet Vivien ( 6 months now) was born at The Birth Center to Leisa and Christian July 16th, 2011.  Vivien and her mama hung out and watched daddy paint.  We at The Birth Center are so grateful to Christian, Leisa and Vivien for this beautiful work of art.  More of Christian’s work can be seen at his website www.wishpainting.com .  You can also find Wish on Facebook.   His children’s murals are spectacular.  Christian’s work will also be featured at the 2012 Philadelphia Flower Show this March (in 2011 his structural design won Best in Show!)