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Breastfeeding is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a woman can have.

It is a journey of emotional, personal and physical growth.  It is the introduction into motherhood.

But, breastfeeding can be very challenging.  It can be scary, painful and overwhelming.  Having a concrete support network is one of the strongest indicators of breastfeeding success.

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Services to Support your Success

Prenatal Consultations

Katie provides one on one consultations during pregnancy for mothers-to-be who have specific breastfeeding concerns.  Reasons for a prenatal visit may include a history of a less than ideal breastfeeding experience, a medical condition that may impact breastfeeding, flat or inverted nipples or a need for medications while breastfeeding.  Mothers may also wish to meet with Katie prenatally to “get on her radar” so that she has your history prior to your first postpartum visit.  Prenatal consultations are 30 minutes long.  These consultations are complimentary for Birth Center and $25 for non-clients.


Postpartum Consultations

Katie provides 90 minute consultations postpartum for mothers and infants that need one on one breastfeeding management.  Partners are encouraged to attend this visit.  There are a wide number of reasons why a woman may seek Katie’s services including:  nipple pain,

persistent plugged ducts or mastitis, infant not latching, infant needing formula supplements, use of a nipple shield, infant with poor weight gain of infant with special needs (to name a few!).  Each visit includes a thorough medical history of mother and baby, a physical assessment of mother and baby,  a direct observation and assessment of a breastfeeding session, hands-on assistance with positioning and latching, a personalized action plan and extensive teaching.  Katie see couplets for follow-up visits if necessary and keeps in contact via email and phone until the couplet feels confident and independent with breastfeeding.

The Birth Center is able to bill these visits to insurance, specialist copays apply.  Call 302-658-2229 to schedule an appointment and for billing details.

The Warm Line

The Warm Line  302.658.8321 is a message center for non-emergent breastfeeding questions.  Leave a message for Katie and receive a return phone call within 48 hours.

Breastfeeding Support Group

Babies 0-4 months every Fridays 1pm-3pm
Babies 4 months + select Tuesday 1pm-3pm

Led by Katie Madden, IBCLC. this is an open group for all breastfeeding mothers and their partners.  Get your questions answers, your latch checked or just come make new friends!

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Breastfeeding Basics

The Pumpin’ Mama’s Blueprint:
4 Simple Steps to Return to Work Feeling Calm, Confident, Prepared & Proud

Weaning Gracefully- How to Create an Effective Strategy to Complete or Change your Breastfeeding Relationship without Feeling Guilty, Rushed or Overwhelmed.

Bra Sizing and Fittings

Katie is a Bravado Certified Nursing Bra Fitter.  Make an appointment to be measured and fitted in one of our stylish, comfortable, quality Bravado Bras.  It is ideal to get fitted at 34 weeks pregnant or so.

Medela Pump Rental and sales.

We offer Symphony hospital grade breastpumps for rent as well as a wide variety of Medela breastpump accessories.  Speak with any of our nurses at The Birth Center for pricing information.


Katie Madden is our Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Katie teaches new mothers to breastfeed with confidence so they can enjoy their nursing relationship without pain, exhaustion, or fear.  She has been working with breastfeeding mothers since 2004 and has been providing private consultations as a Lactation Consultant since 2009.  Katie is the proud mother to Lucy whom she gave birth to naturally at The Birth Center and breastfed for almost 3 years.  Katie brings a unique approach to lactation consulting: she treats the breastfeeding family holistically.  Katie believes that there is a very delicate balance needed to succeed at breastfeeding.  The emotional, mental and physical needs of the mother must be met, the physical safety of the baby must be maintained and the system of breastfeeding must be protected simultaneously in a way that is manageable for the family. Above all, Katie is down-to-earth, realistic, practical and funny.  Working with her makes a frustrating and overwhelming experience pleasant.

Katie says “It isn’t my job to make everyone breastfeed exclusively.  My job is to find our what a woman’s breastfeeding goal is and help her meet that goal in body, mind, boobies and heart.”

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